Friday, February 14, 2014

the treatment of other

How would you have me show greater respect for my family and spouse and my children: 
Hugs then love them with a love that they will know that I am with you and working in you 
because i am love and i have shown you my love & have brought you this far and have taken care of you 
* when you felt alone that your mom had left you when you were crying I was there even if you didn't know it but i had you by the hand 
* I want to heal your heart and your deep hurts i want to heal your kids that have gone through so much 

Jump in the river
sometimes you have felt left  out but what i was doing is preparing you for a special mantel 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Longing to hear your voice

God what are trying to tell me :
This is a new day for you my child you will start to see my hand and my glory I desire for you to put your ear to my chest and pay attention to my voice  there will be many distrctions but if you fight the giant you will see the beuty of my rest and the victory that is within me

Going deeper

I am making the switch to deeper things 
My goal is to use the blog to journal
Using 4 keys
I am really looking forwart to seen what God is going to do

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