Tuesday, October 7, 2008

life jackets in the storm

There are a few things that i feel that are important about ministry and it will help you stay in the place that God Has for you
1) Know that you are called by God to do the task that you are doing or are about to do.
2) stay connected with other pastors that have the same passion
3) Stay away form people that are negative - there are already things pulling you down don't look for more
4) find your calling in the Bible and water that seed that you feel inside of you
5) I should of put this one in number 2 know yourself ( Know your weaknesses )
6) don't stop what is working work on what is not working first
7) challenge your self to be creative with everything that you do (find different ways to explaining you lesson ) get out of your comfort zone
8) stay connected with your pastor (bug him for his time) if you don't ask you will never get
9) read, read, read and when you are done read leadership books
10) because of our ministry we are usually out of church on Sundays listen to Cd's or podcast every week you need to eat

this are some of the things that has helped me stay in ministry for 14 years
take a look at them and see if any apply to you

Monday, October 6, 2008

I am proud of this

some months ago I entered a fishing tournament and I won first place check out the article

Thursday, October 2, 2008

broken to shine

in order to make the glow stick work you have to break it from the inside to glow in the outside
I am going to use this this weekend in kids church
" You need to be broken in the inside to glow in the outside"
some of the most profound time in my life are like this, sitting in my office doing nothing and wamu something drops from God.

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