Friday, April 25, 2014

video project that I worked on for Easter

We are the ones with the word adopted
God has been very good to us we have our new large family

Mother's Day video 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

You are the shelter I need

Lord today i feel like you are not talking to me and i feel distant from your anointing please let me know what to do and how to do it 

stand still stop what you are doing all those things that are keeping you busy 
do whatever you have to do to keep your self quiet for example listen to music that glorifies me 

Lord its so hard to unplug from all the worries of the day specially getting ready for Easter season 
so many things to take care of  open my eyes to see you 

Don't forget that you cannot do it with out me my word says that with out me you cannot do anything 
you have to be like a child dependent on the parent that cares and makes sure that all the needs are met 

when you fix your eyes on my I will allow  my wind to lift the weights of your shoulders those things that keep you oppressed and slowly i will show you how my spirit (wind)  lifts them up and pushes them away from you
I am the oasis in the middle of the desert my waters are fresh and flowing and those that find it will renew their strength i provide shade to protect you from the elements I am the shelter in the middle of the storm I am so glad you found your way back i wanted you be her renewing your strength
I am the Strong tower that the righteous run into it

Lord I can see how you said in Habakuk 2 that you want us to go to the tower and quiet our selfs did you mean that you are the shelter the strong tower that we need to run to to find rest and revelation from your Spirit and get a Rhema word from you

Yes that is the word for you today that i am the shelter that you need to run to when the day is busy but most important visit me before anything else i will dress you for the weather and give you the weapons you will need for the day and will speak in your life Hope Love Peace and fill you with Wisdom that only comes through me  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Guilt vs hope

Guilt is like a cage that sometimes if formed by the lies of the enemy or self afflicted pushed by thoughts projected by the enemy 
Even those things that have not happen or might never happen 
But the one that is the hardest  for my children to overcome or accept is the guilt from the past 
Knowing my heart and my attributes and leaning on them will be like refreshing ointment to the ope wound of guilt not only helps with healing but also keeps away any small trace of infection that could ever flair up and destroy your life 
Hope is the medicine that I want you to live on like I the past I spoke to you that bruised Knesset are for the brave and it happen by having something to focus on and not be distracted 
That is hope holding to the promises that I give you with my living word 
It's like the anchor in the middle of the storm 
Nev forget that hope is keeping you eyes focused on me 
I will never leave you or forsake you 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Visit my past ( time travel)

good morning Jesus 
What do you want to speak to me about?
I am non dimensional God tha can touch every era of your life and bring healing 
If you allow me to visit those painful events that scared you I will apply my my soothing healing oil 

Explain to me ?

There are scares that you have learned to live with pain that you think is normal 
And you have learned to see and feel thru them 
For example how you the pain that was caused by someone in the past 
Later causes not to trust even those that would never hurt you 
but if you allow me to come and visit that situation and let me heal you 
Trust is regained and truth cast away disbelief and doubt 

What about my kids lord you know what I am talking about 

My love reaches to the deepest part and will not allow the enemy to takes what belongs to me 
Provide structure with boundaries and my grace accomplishes more 
I am happy that you are showing your boys how to speak to me and hear from me 
Keep teaching them my ways I shave great plans for your boys 
My ny lives will be change by their testimony 

Lord give me direction for my day

Make me your priority and like a flock of birds flying against the wind but one of them flys ahead and becomes the winds breaker I will become that for you if you put me first 
Life and your day would be much easier 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jesus a sure foundation

Jesus the sure foundation in times of trouble 
god I want to tell you that you are my rock and my strength in hard time having you by my side is thso assuring and makes me feel safer that I am not alone and someone greater than me is with me 

My child for many years I told you to take steady steps you have in some areas 
Understand what you have said that I am the sure foundation meaning that if you walk with me or upon my word you will take steady steps allow me to direct your path allowing my word to be a light on to your feet and a light to your path 

God another question ?
How do you feel about me adopting my two boys 

LIke a proud father that sees his atributest through the life of his children's lives 
The same way I see you the same way I take in those that are broken and heavy loaded and I give them rest meaning a new future that all my inherentence now belongs to them 
I am the place that they can forget the tears and pain and realize that I intervene in their lives 
And saved them from despair and pain 
I gather them like a Shepard gathers their sheep at night to protect them 
I am the loving shepherd that guards my flock and and gi ve my life for them 

God you are so loving I don't have words to explain

You have only experience a small portion of my love 
Think of a sail that you can see at a distance you know there is something under that sail but until you jump I the water and start swimming towards it you don't discover how gigantic is the boat 
The same way with me all you might see is a small portion humanity has a hard time grasping it 
That you have to jump in the water allowing me to carry you with my currents towards me I will draw them to me 
Letting me be your only source of life with out me you cannot do anything 
My word says as deep calls unto deep 
The treasure of my blessings are not found in the edge they are found in the deep 
Swim towards me I'll draw you closer and will not let you drown or get hurt nothing will harm you 

But sometimes fear creeps up

Those thoughts are not from me I didn't give you a spirit of fear 
But with me you can do many wanderfull things be life giver 
Take those thought captive and put them in submission to my word 

Thank you for loving me and spending time with me 

Let me know when you want me to make this blog public ?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Grafted in - Spirit of adoption

God what do you wan to say to me this morning 
What do you want to speak to me about ?

The he spirit of adoption 
The I grafting of one entering into another one being the dominant 
And the other one surrendering to the authority of the greater

That is what adoption is about about a family taking one or many in their house and making them part of their family 
The same way I took you  psalm 27:10  If my father and mother ·leave [abandon] me,
    the Lord will take me in. 
Meaning that you will never be alone  or should I say there is no need to feel alone youu are part of me and me part of you flowing inside of you 
Everything that belongs to me now belongs to you my blessings are yours 
Listen to my voice and see what I am me showing you 

How can I tell others about this blessings ?

God I will set up appointments with people that will cross your path and their hearts are ready to receive the words I would give to you for them 
Keep connected do not cut your self off from the source that is me 
With out me you cannot do anything 
Romans 11:17 But if some of the branches were broken off, and you,although a wild olive shoot, were grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing root[b] of the olive tree,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

open my eyes

This is what I got during my prayer time this morning
2 Kings 6:17
And Elisha prayed, "Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see." Then the LORD opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

things that we need to notice
1) his heart was full of fear
2) when his eyers were open to (see) his heart became full of faith
3) Nothing happen in the natural all it took is for his eyes (spiritual eyes) to be open

My prayer today is for God to open our eyes to see your Glory so our heart would go from fear to faith