Saturday, October 24, 2015

An army of Children

During my worship time a light of thought came

A service :  where children were imparted the gift to be able to see in the spritual realm and thought to say what they seen  (prophetic anointing ) children recieved it and God was with them 

The adult Service : an awakening of the church fell in that place they spoke what the sprit was showing them with the purity of their heart God spoke to the church and the fire of God was ignited

In this I seen a little girl blond speaking with boldness to older people telling her. What the heartbeat of God was 

Setting during the service - we were worshiping and a  silence feel on that place and I said the Spirit of God is here let's welcome it and a person rose up and brought a  massage and neared witness to what was happening and the children started walking among the people and allowing His Spirit to guide them to pray for who he would showed them.  

God I want to see this but not for anybody but you to get the Glory 

God ignite the heart of your children 

This happens last week kids praying for missionaries to Guatemala