Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fighting Giants

God I am doing camp and teaching this kids about fighting their giants
help me make it come alive not only with you logos but with your Rhema word for them
the word that they need for today

my child my kids need to hear my word it will refresh them and be like a river flowing through their lives

imagine a small trees one planted in the desert and the other one planted in the edge of a small but flowing stream
 I am the stream that will nourish their roots and revive their leafs

but their is a problem with both of them but they are both the same
the one that is planted next to the stream his roost are shallow because it has not been taught to fight his skin is fragile so if a disease come it will be wiped out it needs to be protected but when it comes to fruit time his fruit is plenty
the other one is rougher and its skin is not as pretty and but it has learned to lean on me regardless of the weather and situation

i need you to give me that word that will change their lives

let them know that its not in vain that they have been through what they been through
i been with them all the way i will take their fear away and they will experience what its to be nurtured like the sheep in the arms of the shepherd