Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lord clean up my aqueduct

From the deepest part of my heart I want you and want to be where you are 

My son I love the way your heart wants me and wants to do my will
I am longing to spend time with my children

God please reveal what is those things that are getting of the way of your church connecting with you 

Think of a tube that is coming from heaven to earth and along the way you find garbage accumulating to the point that it does not flow but it becomes compacted and the flow is interrupted I order to bring something from the natural from the supernatural there need to be a free flow of my power and revelation my word is active and alive (Rhema word)

God show me those things please be clear because I see in pictures

I will pay attention to what I am going to show you 
Start with I see and write it down 

I see hair accumulated : the hair meaning vanity of man by allowing their own desires to rule this life my children worship my gifts over me the one who gives the gifts they have become too confer table with possession instead of allowing those things to be the overflow of my favor and grace in their lives 

I see a big Clock turning fast : that clock means their she dukes have become too busy and forgot that I am the giver of time they are wasting their time by rushing it's killing then
And everyone around them 
I want no spend time with them by they have out me in a box of their schedule
Look at this : I see a picture of tabernacle in the desert and the and all the tens are surrounding the tabernacle and a peace in the land as they rest protected 
They are resting because they know I am looking out for them I am the Protector who don't need any sleep and their house where around mine not putting me as their leftovers 
I want no be the center of their lives 

I see a heart stuck in a trench stopping the flow: the heart meaning they have not surrendered their desires to me out of fear of me not allowing them to do what they desire  

Think of a plant that is needing the water from that pipe but it's suffocating that is why you are seeing an oxygen mask my children are living with out the life giving water not because I don't want to give it to them but because they have stopped me 

God I know the problem but how do we get rid of it 

I see a shovel that is digging and shoveling out the trash 

That is me all my children have to do is ask me and I will come to rescue them and take all the trash that has accumulated in their lives and if they listen to me I will guide them 
And they will live free of those things that stops my flow in their lives 

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