Monday, May 12, 2014

Strategies if the enemy ( same ones used since the begging of time )

After reading one section In a book about communications in the armed forces
I started thinking about the way the enemy tries to attack the believers 

If I was to put a name on it would be divide and conquer 
The methods is to cut off the organized forces from the central hub by doing that you cause confusion and you only have small aimless , confused pockets of rebellion
And they are easier  to overtake because they are not connected to the main leader 

I believe that is what the enemy is tying to do with us as believers and the use of the Gifts of the spirit for the church or for personal edification that if we either ignore it or for some reason or another we don't believe it gods forces are cut off from a central connection which is the Holy Spirit to get a Rhema word or a prophetic word for the church or our personal life 
Division within the body will take place and we all end up in our own little area with not communication and when storms of life come we are swept away because we are alone and isolated by our so called uniqueness or prideful ways of thinking 

God how do you see this ?

I am glad that you are receiving and applying my living word in your heart 
About communication within my church divisions caused by things that are irrelevant to salvation or communion with me like what version of my word they read or style of worship music they play instruments or no instruments I detest division my word says 
"A kingdom divided by civil war will collapse Mark 3:24
And if the enemy of your soul finds you isolated he will be like the anacondas in South America that waits until the weakest or independent animal leaves the herd the snake will slither around that animal and slowly grabs him or her and squeezes until the animal takes it's last breath suffocating it  
That is exactly what happens to my children even those that use to serve me the enemy helps the believe that they don't need to be part of a body or be accountable to anyone 
The enemy has been using this strategy all through history 

God thank you for  speaking to me this word that I be leave has been hurting the church for centuries 

Points that stand out 

▶️ Divide and conquer : the strategy used to device and organized armies from the central command hub 
▶️ "A kingdom divided by civil war will collapse mark 3:24
▶️ Division in the body : things that are irrelevant to salvation
▶️ Isolation / isolation : leaving the main herd thinking that we don't need to be part of it by pride or believing a lie
▶️ Suffocation : the way the constrictors kill their pray they find the weak or independent animal to attack  
▶️ Strategy: a well though of plan sings of an organized armed force ( war tactic) 

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